Meet The Designer
August 10, 2023

Meet The Designer

Introducing the creative force behind To:morrow leather goods – I am the head designer and visionary, driven by a profound connection to my heritage and an unwavering passion for crafting timeless elegance. The name 'To:morrow' is more than a brand; it's an homage to my roots, an artful fusion of my last name, Morrow, and a commitment to pioneering a future-forward design narrative.

Rooted in the ethos of innovation and adorned with the grace of tradition, To:morrow embodies a symphony of forward thinking, creative exploration, and refined aesthetics. With a dual major in Accessory Design and Fashion Marketing/Business from the illustrious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), I nurtured a profound love for the intersection of form and function.

Fuelled by a passion for graphic design and photography, I harnessed these skills as tools to illuminate my path towards crafting an original fashion brand. The journey, however, led me to a profound infatuation with accessory design – a romance that ignited amidst the hallowed halls of SCAD. Witnessing the meticulous craftsmanship and artistry that transforms raw materials into exquisite bags, I found my calling.

Fashion has been my steadfast muse since childhood, a love affair nurtured by six years of dedicated work within the fashion industry. My discerning eye and refined expertise have culminated in the birth of To:morrow, a manifestation of my innate connection to style and design.

Join me in celebrating a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation as To:morrow ventures into the future, where each creation echoes the timeless legacy of craftsmanship while embracing the pulse of contemporary trends. With a passion rooted in history and an eye set firmly on the horizon, I invite you to explore a world where sophistication dances hand in hand with creativity, all within the embrace of a meticulously crafted leather masterpiece.